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Sturgeon farm "Astrakhanskaya fishka"



Please, see list of excursions in the program

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Please, see list of excursions in the program

Please pay attention that prices may be changed on the day of your request, depending on the number of persons in the group, exact arrival&departure dates, etc.

Sturgeon farm "Astrakhanskaya fishka" (35 km from Astrakhan, on the river Kizan).On the sturgeon farm you will see the entire process of reproduction and cultivation of sturgeon fishes.Duration of the excursion is 40-60 minutes. Includes:

  1. Excursion through the cage line, where we demonstrate the broodstock of sterlet, sturgeon, beluga and bester and tell about the peculiarities of growing these species of fish.
  2. Excursion to the basin workshop, in which the reception, incubation of caviar takes place and pools with young sturgeons are located.
  3. An overview of posters showing the history of sturgeon from the time of dinosaurs to the present day; sturgeon species are shown, the process of obtaining and incubating eggs is shown, the nutritional value of sturgeon, black caviar, balyks and other (40 posters) are described.

After the tour you will go to our floating restaurant for lunch or tasting.

Excursions to choose from:

  1. Excursion + a royal dinner (royal soup from sterlet, steak sturgeon with potatoes, vegetable slicing, drink) -35 $ pers. / 30 euro per person
  2. Excursion + tasting of balyks (hot smoked sturgeon, cold smoked sturgeon, sturgeon dried, cold smoked catfish, etc.) - 25 $ per person / 20 euros
  3. Excursion + black caviar tasting - 41 $ person / 35 euros

Children under 5 years - free of charge without meals

Children 5-10 years old - 5 $ / 3 euro discount

On the territory of the sturgeon farm there are:

  1. A terrace on the river bank for 50 seats with a fan above each table
  2. Floating restaurant on the river Kizan with air-conditioning, which is able to accommodate 80 guests. The restaurant broadcasts a video after the tour, which shows: the process of obtaining caviar with the preservation of life of producers and other video materials.
  3. From the restaurant exit to the equipped bathing-place with sun beds and chairs for rest.
  4. On the territory there is a recreation area with a small pond and fountains, as well as a playground.
  5. There are many places for fishing enthusiasts, where guaranteed catch is waiting for you. At desire it is possible to take in rent of a back (worms go in the complete set).
  6. On the territory of the sturgeon farm there is a fish store with a large assortment:
    • products of our farm (hot smoked sturgeon, balyk, black caviar at below-market prices);
    • products that are represented on the fish market in Astrakhan (catfish, silver carp, pike, asp, etc. cold smoked and dried, vobla, bream, pike caviar, gift sets and other at a bargain price)
  7. A good route of regional importance passes to the sturgeon farm. There is a parking for buses.The time of the trip from the Astrakhan Kremlin to our farm is 1 hour

    Comfortable weather for rest in the Astrakhan region from April to November.

    Additional Features

    1. The farm for growing tropical hydrobionts: Australian red-bellied cancer, Rosenberg shrimp and giant snail.
    2. The Museum of the Russian Watermelon.
    3. It is possible to combine a tour of our farm with a snack on the lotus fields (30-40 minutes drive down to the sea to the boat + excursion).
    4. Nearby, in 5 minutes of driving, there is a horse club "Kalinka" where it is possible to drive on horses.
    5. In close proximity, 5-10 minutes drive, there are many tourist bases where your tourists can stay (for example, "Cool", "On Kalinovka", "Zalenyi Bereg", "Moskovskaya", "Solnyshko", "Lesnaya" and many others).
    6. The tourist bases themselves offer: trips to lotus fields, underwater hunting and fishing, as well as hunting for waterfowl in the Volga delta.

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