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Gagarin Cosmonaut Training Center

The history of Yu. Gagarin Cosmonaut Training Center starts from the 11th of January 1960 when on the initiative of chief constructor of rocket-space technical equipment S.Korolev it was decided to establish an organization for the first space flight training.

On April 12, 1961 Yuri Gagarin performed the first in the world human space flight on SV “Vostok”. Afterwards there were many outstanding and exciting achievements performed with the help of GCTC, including the first woman-cosmonaut V.Tereshkova flight, the first space walk of A.Leonov, execution of regular flights on board the first orbital stations “Salut”, space station “Mir”, and then International Space Station.

The main activities of GCTC are the following:

Cosmonauts’ selection and training for flights on manned space vehicles of all the types and carrying out tests, researches, experiments and so on in space.

Testing of space facilities, equipment, systems, simulators, trainers, mock-ups, etc.

Conduction of investigations on the problems of cosmonaut selection and training system development, improvement of manned space vehicles and cosmonaut activity in space, ensuring of spaceflight safety.

Participation in development of new manned space vehicles and facilities and peer review of scientific-technical products of different aerospace enterprises.

GCTC is well-known not only in this country but all over the world. It constantly collaborates with space agencies in the USA, France, Germany, Canada, Japan, ESA, with foreign companies – producers of space technical equipment.

At the beginning of new millennium the integration processes led mankind to the realization of the greatest it the history space project – International Space Station. The Centre greatly contributes to the implementation of this project.

Nowadays GCTC has modern unique laboratory-simulation and training base, scientifically-grounded methods and techniques of cosmonaut training, competent and well-qualified specialists, and great experience of international cooperation.

There are a lot of programs: from standard (1 hour 45 minutes) to premium class (7 hours).

The standard program includes:

-Arrival in Star City

-A visit to the training hall of the Soyuz transport vehicles simulators + the opening and study of the Soyuz spacecraft

-Visiting the hall of the station Mir

-Visit to the ISS hall

-Departure from the territory of Star City

-The duration of the program is 1 hour 45 minutes

-The time and order of the program can be adjusted.

Additional elements are possible:

-Briefing with the cosmonaut

-Visiting the Star City Cosmonautics Museum

The cost of such a program is from 98 euros per person.

Also we can provide you with a transfer from Moscow and the services of guides and interpreters.

There is a special order for making excursions, please specify at the time of booking.

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