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1$ = 66,96 Rub; 1€ = 74,93 Rub

Hunting in Krasnodar



  • Organizing of hunting by huntsmen;
  • Transport during the period of hunting (cross-country vehicle Аrgo8, quadricycles, UAZ-Hanter);
  • Accommodation in the guest house not more than 12 persons (four bedrooms);
  • FB;
  • riding on the quadricycles to the places of animal nutrition;
  • catching of trout (up to 2 kg for 1 person);
  • usage of bathing complex with bath attendants;
  • primary machining, conservation, butchering and wraping-up of trophey;
  • transfer: microdistrict Dagomys, village Nizhny Solokh-Aul – hunting entity – microdistrict Dagomys.

Not Included

Extra services

Please pay attention that prices may be changed on the day of your request, depending on the number of persons in the group, exact arrival&departure dates, etc.

Hunting entity

Closed hunting entity «Kordon» is situated in the picturesque place not far from village Nizhny Solokh-Aul in Lazarevsky district of Sochi, on the left bank of the river Shakhe and in 33 km from the bank of Black sea. Common square of hunting entity is 600 ha approximately. «Kordon» is officially private hunting entity of closed type. There is a status, which gives an opportunity to organize hunting all year round.

All territory of hunting entity is fully defended from outside and undesirable persons and is in the custody of safety service 24 hours a day. We guarantee to the guests complete safety and confidentiality. Being our guest you may be absolutely quiet. All information about the guests is absolutely closed as well as on the period of stay and after.


Exquisite luxury and personal service of the highest level are reserved for you. Exceptional attention of the stuff, providence and ability to perform any wishes. 4 bedrooms are at your disposal.

Animals in the closed aviary with a square of 100 ha

Caucasian red deer; European red deer; dappled deer; fallow deer; Daghestan tur; European moufflon; markhoor; bharal

Here you may hunting all year round lawfully.

Animals on unfenced territorywith a square of 500 ha

Caucasian brown bear; Caucasian red deer; European roe; raccoon dog;marten; wolf; jackal; badger; fox.

Hunting in accordance with rules, settled by laws of Krasnodar area.
  • On the territory of hunting entity are built more than 20 deer stands of opened type (tree stands).
  • For hunting is used modern technical equipment.

Prices for hunting

Price for 1 person per night 48 836 RUB

Prices for tropheys

Dappled deer 82 708 RUB - up to 1 year;
94 598 RUB - up to 2 years;
106 430 RUB - doe from 2 years;
135 894 RUB - buck from 2 years;
224 576 RUB with trophey antlers
Fallow deer 194 996 RUB from 3 yearswith trophey antlers
Europeanmoufflon 189 080 RUB from 4 years with trophey antlers
Markhoor 1 299 606 RUB  from 3 years with trophey antlers
Bharal 141 810 RUB from 4 years with trophey antlers
Boar Fangs from6to18 sm – 47 270 RUB
Fangs from18to22 sm – 54 404 RUB 
Fangs more than22sm–70 876 RUB

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