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1$ = 66,96 Rub; 1€ = 74,93 Rub

Hunting and fishing in Astrakhan area (Country retriet BOSS)



Please, see list of services in the program

Not Included

Please, see list of services in the program

Please pay attention that prices may be changed on the day of your request, depending on the number of persons in the group, exact arrival&departure dates, etc.

Country retriet is situated in the peaceful place near the rural area Zaton of Kamyzyakski region of Astrakhan area on the left river bank Zaton. It’s a luxury villa, which is generously surrounded by 53 blue spruces, 55 birches and wonderful fruit garden, and on the bank you can see fascinating blooming of lotus. On the territory of retriet is situated 3-storeyed hotel complex with 6 bedrooms and magnificent summer terrace on the second floor.

Also 2-storeyed sauna with a swimming pool and billiards are reserved for you, and certainly large swimming pool in the open air, where also wooden arbor for your company. Country retriet – is a place of your solitude with your family and friends, here you won’t meet servicemen in the evening and will be able to enjoy nature of Astrakhan area and a lot of sunny days. During your period of stay country retriet will be closed from outside people. In the hotel complex there are fully equipped rooms with toilet facilities, 3 spacious leisure areas, big plasma TV, fitness equipment, large hall for collective, equipped kitchen and magnificent summer terrace with a river view.


For fans of shooting we may organize hunting for waterfowl.From the middle of September till December 31st – duck and goose are available.From September 10th till December 31st – pheasant, partridge, fox and hair are available.


Country retriet is situated on the left river bank Zaton of Kamyzyakskiy region. Till booming part is 20-25 minutes on the motor boat, near are situated 3 channels – Nikitinskiy, Kulaginskiy, Zaton, therefore you’ll have a chance to fish in different, but very interesting and in its own way picturesque places.At the Volga river delta we’ll organize for you unforgettable fishing on zherekh, sazan, perch, vobla, pike, bream and others kinds of fish. And on the so named holes you’ll really enjoy fishing of pike perch and catfish.

Prices for accommodation:

Renting of the whole country retriet - 83 845 RUB per night (FB, without alcohol drinks).


from/to the airport - 12 300 RUB for one car in one direction (Volkswagen, Hyundai minivan)

Extra services:

  • Fishing 6150 RUB (boat-renting / daylight hours + huntsman + POL (4750 RUB per day).
  • Price is for boat only. In one boat may be 4 persons (2-3 guests + 1 huntsman)
  • Additional payments for bends are not required.
  • Hunting 6150 RUB per person + huntsman + POL (4750 RUB per day)
  • Based on passport data and exact period of stay of tourists in Astrakhan area we make a license for our guests in advance, by ourselves.
  • Weapon should belong to the tourist and be registered on the name of owner.
  • In Russian Federation to inbound smoothbore weapon is permitted.
  • If necessary, we can offer weapon for rentering. 5-6 birds are permitted to gun down every day (officialy).
  • Transportation is permitted till boundary of Astrakhan without any limits and extra payments.

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