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Moscow Zoo extended working hours until 22:00

All June, the Moscow Zoo will work until 22:00 in connection with the summer campaign "In the Zoo before going to bed." According to Interfax, daily from 19:00 entrance tickets can be purchased at a reduced price - for 300 rubles instead of the usual 500. Cash desks for those wishing to visit the zoo in the evening will work until 21:00. Evening visitors will be able to observe the life of predators, in particular representatives of the cat family, which become more active after sunset. Also in June, every Tuesday and Thursday from 20:00 to 21:00 will be guided tours from the cycle "Summer Evening at the Zoo." Visitors will be able to go for a walk and learn a lot about the life of animals, watch them in the most comfortable and peaceful atmosphere, and find out how the inhabitants of the zoo are preparing for bed. In addition, on Mondays, the guests of the zoo are invited to attend lectures on the enrichment of the animal habitat, and on Wednesday everyone can attend the "Meeting with Zoo Scientists".

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